September 2014 | Vascular exposure and access workshop

In the latest decennia vascular surgery has underwent a revolution in treatment modality due to endovascular therapies. Because of this, young surgeons are more familiar with endovascular treatment of SFA lesions or abdominal aortic aneurysm repair than with open surgery.
However, open surgery remains and will always be an important cornerstone in the treatment of patients with vascular insufficiency.
The skills and knowledge to perform distal bypass surgery or an aortobifemoral graft are less well known in the future generation of vascular surgeons.
Because of this, the BYF organises a vascular exposure and access workshop to give our young colleagues a chance to improve their skills, knowledge and confidence in performing these important procedures.

What? Hands-on workshop on human corpses.

Who? Minimal technical skills are requested: trainees (5th and 6th year), fellows and young vascular surgeons.

When? Thursday 04-09-2014

Where? KU Leuven Vaardigheidscentrum Anatomie
Vesalius Instituut, Leuven

Participants? 10-12 BYF members


  • Clamping of the subdiafragmatic aorta
  • Dissection and exposure of the visceral vessels
  • Obturator bypass indication and procedure
  • Dissection and exposure of the common femoral artery, popliteal artery (P1 and P3), posterior and anterior tibial artery, lateral exposure of the peroneal artery, arteries on the foot
  • Dissection and exposure of the carotid artery, subclavian artery and axillary artery.
  • Retroperitoneal approach of the iliac artery
  • Creation of a rectus femoris muscle flap
  • Prelevation of the deep femoral vein
  • Principles of tunnelling

Places are limited, first come – first serve!

This workshop is for BYF members only and is totally for free.
Confirmation of your attendance will be registered after bank transfer of 100 euro which will be payed back after the workshop.

IBAN: BE97 7340 2040 3149

All this is made possible thanks to the support of Lemaitre, BBraun and Aesculap Academy.