December 2014 | Workshop Endovenous Techniques

Picture Gallery Endovenous Techniques, Friday, December 12th, 2014


In our daily vascular practice varicose veins are a well known pathology with different treatment modalities.
This workshop, led by experts in the field, will give an overview of different endovenous techniques to the participants who will be divided into small groups.
A theoretical background will be followed by live cases. At the end every participant will get a syllabus and USB stick with all the highlights of the workshop.


UZ Leuven Campus Sint-Rafaël
Kapucijnenvoer 33
3000 Leuven
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Friday, December 12th, 2014

Welcome and coffee “Vergaderzaal De Bondt “, 2nd floor, surgical daycentre
Workshop first part
Workshop second part

  1. Duplex ultrasound and mapping
  2. Endovenous laser ablation
  3. Radiofrequency ablation (VNUS-fast)
  4. Ultrasound guided foamtherapy
  5. Sclerotherapy

Places are limited to 20 participants, first come – first serve!

This workshop is totally for free. Confirmation of your attendance will be registered after bank transfer of 75 euro which will be payed back after the workshop.

IBAN: BE97 7340 2040 3149  |  BIC: KREDBEBB

The next day (13/12/2014) you can also have the possibility to participate at the international vascular symposium Leuven.